Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well here I am, back from a long break from blogging!

I decided to come back for another year to teach English in Korea. I have been talked into starting up my blog again, and sticking with it this time!

As a little catch up... I finished my contract last February and traveled around Southeast Asia for 6 weeks with two of my very close friends that I worked with here in Korea. We went to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam and had a blast!!!
After I went back to the US I did a little substitute teaching, and a lot of hanging out and enjoying my break from work. I got to spend a lot of time with my family and got to see many of my friends from America. Overall my break from Korea was very relaxing and fun.

Before coming back to Korea this time I traveled back to Thailand, and had an amazing time! I was staying in Northern Thailand, but flew out of Bangkok(about 12 hours away) so I took an overnight bus on Monday night, and got to the Bangkok airport early Tuesday morning. I did a lot of waiting around at the airport, and finally boarded the plane to Korea in the afternoon.
I got into the Seoul airport around 9:45pm. Since I'm very familiar with Seoul by now, I thought I didn't need to be picked up by the service that picked me up from the airport the last time. But After getting to the airport with two suitcases and two backpacks, I found it hard to manage all of my stuff on my own on the subway. So at the last minute I decided to take a bus from the airport. It was a little stressful trying to contact my boss and get a meeting spot, but in the end it worked out and I got to my love motel around 11:45PM.

I am staying at the Love Motel because my apartment isn't ready yet. I have been here since Tuesday night and I will check out and move into my new apartment tomorrow night(Friday). A Love Motel is where lovers come to have some alone time, either because they live with their parents, or they are having an affair. I think mostly people don't spend the entire night here, just a few hours. Anyway, the motel is really nice! I have a huge bed with nice sheets and lots of nice pillows. I have a huge TV screen, and a computer, and Aircon and a bathroom with a huge bathtub with jets! It's so nice here, I love it!

When I got here on Tuesday night, it was my friend Alisha's birthday, so a few people were here already having a little celebration for her. The next morning I had to work at 11am. I did the typical meetings and stuff with the boss, watched a few classes, and then at 5 I got to leave with a few other teachers. I went back and saw my old apartment, it was strange to see someone else living in it! I went and ate Galbi, it was just as delish as I remember!!!

Today I did the same thing as yesterday at work, and tonight I will go and see the apartment I will be moving into, and I will decide what I want to take and what I don't want.
I will start teaching on my own on Friday.
I will post more after I move into my new apartment!!!

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